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About the brand:

4th Dimension is a unique fashion brand that offers you complete customization for your outfits. With 4th dimension as your western wardrobe stylist, you will never be stuck with fixated fabrics, designs, cuts, or colors. 4th dimension allows you to pick and choose from a variety of styles and redefine outfits however you like. It allows customers to get creative with their outfits and styles, to provide a complete sense of satisfaction and confidence. The brand delivers a variety of fabrics, and chic designs, custom tailored to fit customer liking. 4th Dimension clothing comprises modern western cuts such as dresses, tops, and jumpsuits. The choice of one hundred percent customization makes the brand stand apart and a perfect fit for all. The variety in styles ranges from bold designs to modest compositions, and luxurious fabrics to comfortable materials, for customers to curate their attires. With the 4th Dimension, you choose your style!

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